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People often believe training with an exercise bike is by nature mundane, and that there’s only so much you can actually accomplish with exercise bike workouts. There are actually several ways to use an exercise bike to not only burn calories, but to burn and lose fat, too.

Instead of hopping on your exercise bike and planning to work out for 30 minutes, it’s a better idea to pay attention to heart rate while you ride. When you are working out in the correct heart rate range, you will burn more fat as you ride. If your bike has a heart rate monitor, you can use this to guide your work out speed and intensity. An alternative is to purchase a heart rate monitor and use that for work out guidelines.

If you routinely work out in your optimum heart rate for burning fat, you’ll have better results with exercise bike workouts. Another way to increase your results is to use an interval workout with your bike. Interval workouts involve high intensity training and recovery periods throughout the workout. The advantage is you’ll burn more fat while exercising, and you’ll continue to burn more fat after you’re finished exercising, too.

Interval training on an exercise bike is best left until you’ve developed a high level of fitness. It’s not ideal for beginners. When you’ve been exercising around 30 minutes at your optimal heart rate several times a week for a few weeks or months, you may be ready for interval training.

Instead of working out at a continuous high intensity level, interval training involves very short, intense exercise spurts followed by slightly longer recovery periods. It’s very important to thoroughly warm up before attempting interval training on an exercise bike.

You can find sample interval training workouts for exercise bikes online. A simple option is to start with 10 seconds of high intensity, hard riding, followed by a 60-second recovery period. Next, go for 15 seconds before the one-minute recovery. Increase to 20 seconds on the third and fourth exercise bursts, with one minute of recovery in between. Rest for two minutes and repeat the entire series. Follow this up with at least 10 minutes of warm down riding.

Paying attention to your heart rate and adding interval training to your exercise bike workout routine can keep things interesting and promote more fat loss. These are just two ways to make the most of the great fitness opportunity exercise bikes present.

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the best chairs ever made and no one can argue with that. But what if I can’t afford it? Do I buy a used Aeron chair? Or there are alternatives that can be affordable and as good as the Aeron? What if you don’t like the Aeron chair and you need other features in your chair? All these questions are answered in the following alternatives that as excellent as the Aeron chairs.

1-LexMod Articulate:
The affordable, good looking chair has some features that are extremely fascinating like:
– A breathable mesh back.
– Height and armrests adjustment.
– It provides Lumbar support.
-Sponge seat covered with mesh fabric.
– Variety of color options.

2-Alera Elusion:
The professional-looking chair has also a lot of advantages that makes it a very good choice:
– Affordable
– Fully adjustable
– breathable mesh back
it is a great ergonomic choice.

3-Knoll Life Chair:
The flexibility of this chair is very high and it also provides:
– Soft adjustable lumbar support.
– Reduction of pressure points on legs.
– Seat depth is adjustable so it can fit different users.
– Durable cloth meshes so the chair is incredibly breathable and flexible.
– Waterfall edge provides support without closing the blood circulation.
It is a totally ergonomic and comfortable chair.

4-Serta 43807 chair:
The high-quality, good-looking and ergonomic chair is one of the best choices.
The most significant feature of this chair is the air kinetic lumbar zone so with your continuous movement, the chair adjusts itself to continuously support your back so you are always at the best posture for your health.
In addition to that, the chair provides:
– Deep body pillows for a relaxing seating.
– Stylish, soft and upholstered arm Pads.
– Seat-side cable actuated levers For Height adjustment.

5-The Ergolox chair:
It is the best choice when you want an affordable, ergonomic chair that looks professional. Check the following features to know how professional this chair is.
– It is a genuine leather chair.
– It swivels 360 degrees so it is a multi-tasking.
– The armrests are 3D.
– It has a unique lumbar support.
– Backrest height can be adjusted easily and in a recline position too if you want to relax.
– It is available in black and white colors.

6-Herman Miller Embody:
This is the last and most amazing chair in this list. When The Herman Miller Furniture Company decided to create this chair, it was meant to totally maintain health so the chair was actually built by 20 physicians in different fields to solve the long-term sitting health problems. If you suffer from back pain or you will sit in your chair for a very long time then this is the best chair to keep your health.
Here are some of the features of this chair:
– Stimulation of the blood and oxygen flow to maintain focused and relaxed.

– The fabric covering the chair is skin-like so it keeps the body cool whatever how long you sit.
– The new technology also provides distribution of pressure and healthy movement in ergonomic seating position.

Do you own a string trimmer in your house and have you ever used any type of string trimmer for your gardening projects? Well, probably you might say that it is only simple or easy to use. However, there are some people too who might say that utilizing string trimmer is not an easy task for them. In fact, they find it difficult to use due to lack of knowledge on how to successfully manipulate the machine.

If you are a beginner who would like to know more about the string trimmer, then you need to explore on how it works based on its functions and uses. For your reference, you may take a glimpse on the succeeding topics and discussions so as to have a vivid idea about its special functions, uses and importance as well.

Try to study the following guide for special functions and uses of the string trimmer:

Models and Utilization

First and foremost, the head of the device must be first strung. Nowadays, newer types or models of string trimmer only require cartridge replacement. However, there are still some older types that needs for stringing.

So, you may use any of the types available depending on your needs and desires. Also, string trimmers may work either on electric power or gasoline. It’s up to you to choose the right one for you based on your taste and preferences.

In terms of electric models, you may choose either cordless or corded type. Cordless type of string trimmer requires battery that is rechargeable so as to function up to its maximum extent. Also it is portable and can be used anywhere in your garden.

A gas-powered type of string trimmer is heavier than those electric types since it has tank that is loaded with gasoline. Though it is quite heavy, this machine can last longer until you finish your gardening works.

Cutting Action

The string of it is designed in order to revolve it at the different speed. Your string trimmer may have variable speed up to 10,000 RPM. The cutting swath’s diameter may usually from 8 to 22; though most of the types and models of string trimmer today have 6 inches of spinning diameter.

Usually, it has a weight of 15 to 20 pounds, which depends according to the tool’s purpose. There are also some special features which the manufacturers designed on the product so as to ensure safety, comfort and great convenience.

Tricks and Techniques

Utilizing a high quality type of string trimmer can make your garden more beautiful and attractive. This can very beneficial in getting rid of the grasses and weeds inside your premises. However, you have to know some techniques and tricks so that you can utilize it more effectively.

If you will use this tool, see to it that it is parallel to the lawn lots or ground so that it can trim the vertically-growing grasses or weeds. Also, you can point the tool perpendicular to the lawn lots or ground so that you can trim grasses and plants along edges of your garden.

Always choose the right tool for you so that you can have a comfortable working experience. If you only have small yard or garden, then you can make use of the electric versions or models of string trimmer. However, if you have more spacious garden or lawn lots, then it is advisable to use gas-powered type of gardening tool.

It is because it has great impact and power that can get rid of tough grasses and plants. Also, you can make sure that your tool will function in a longer period of time since there is a huge tank where you will put the gasoline.

If you are still in doubt and quite puzzled on how it really works, then you may explore how it functions well through visiting some online sites. You may also watch a video related to the functions and uses of string trimmer by clicking this video site:

There, you can have an assurance that you will grasp new ideas and proper procedures on how it works based on the user’s needs and purposes.

There are no new formatting wars on the horizon; Blu-ray will be “it” for a while. Blu-ray is a superior way to view movies, but the cost of players is still out of budget for many. The Blu-ray movies cost more than DVD’s and there is less of a selection (though that is quickly changing). Some TV’s don’t have the features to utilize the features of many Blu-ray players. These issues will all be changing in the future.

Those who recall the days when the best external DVD drives and movies were out of budget know the prices will come down on Blu-ray players and movies. The reasons this happens with all new technology:

  • Competition
  • Increased demand
  • Profits increase
  • Technological advances
  • Improved manufacturing efficiency
  • Market security
  • Related products increasing and becoming more affordable

The number of Blu-ray titles took a big jump in June when Warner Brothers decided to release its movies in Blu-ray. Once Toshiba stepped down from the format wars and chose to no longer develop, make or market HD DVD players and recorders, it increased the demand for Blu-ray titles and players. Until the war was over, many consumers didn’t want to invest in one of the formats to find out it would become outdated when the format wars were over. Now that Blu-ray has been declared the winner, consumers are ready to buy. As demand increases, so does competition, and prices begin to drop. This is really good news for consumers.

Manufacturers are ready to invest in producing a more affordable player. This will be another factor in the price of Blu-ray disc players coming down. A related product, the television, is being manufactured with features that are compatible with Blu-ray player features. These TV’s are increasing in number and their prices are also coming down.

The Blu-ray market and related technological advances are just beginning. Though it has been around for a few years, no one wanted to take the plunge until earlier this year when HD DVD no longer competed with Blu-ray. The future of Blu-ray is bright and on the verge of a tremendous and exploding growth.

The Hybrid Bicycle

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The hybrid bicycle combines features of a road bicycle and a mountain bicycle. The hybrid bicycle retains most of the features of mountain bicycles, but is not a mountain bicycle. The use of mountain bike gears to make riding in hilly environments easier, slightly upturned handlebars to provide for a more upright seating, and use of tires slightly wider than a road bicycle, yet thinner and smoother than those of a mountain bicycle, make the hybrid very suitable for urban use.

The hybrid comes in many configurations.Some hybrids have a frame similar to a racing or touring bicycle, with 700C-size wheels with slick or semi-slick tires between 32 and 40 mm wide [1] . The wider width is intended to provide more stability on rough surfaces such as road pavement, hard packed sand, shallow mud, bike paths, and gravel.These are conditions typical of urban use.

Most hybrid bicycles are based on a modified mountain frame.Features include a taller head tube providing a more upright riding posture, and 26-inch wheels with semi-slick tires around 1.95 inches (5 cm) wide.Most hybrids include features such as front suspension forks, seat post suspension and angle-adjustable stems to provide more comfort for the rider.Hub gears are sometimes used on hybrids rather than derailleur gears. The hybrid bicycle is very well suited for leisure road and trail riding, and at the same time can be ridden on moderately rough terrain.

The “comfort bicycle” is a variation of the “hybrid bicycle” with many of the same features.Often a bicycle is called “hybrid” if they have 700C size wheels, and “comfort” if they have the 26 inch size wheels. The main difference is usually more one of marketing focus than specification, and similar features are generally provided on both the hybrid and comfort bicycles to enhance the comfort of the rider.

Most of the people today have realized that they need to exercise a bit, but the commitments every day prevent them from getting the time for exercise. What our daily commuters need is a little exercise while they travel to and from their workplace.

A recent survey has revealed that almost 30% or USA’s health budget is spent on rehabilitation of the obese. This is an alarming situation and needs to be seriously viewed. On the other hand there is no obese person in China. This does not mean that the Chinese go for daily workouts. The reason is that the entire nation still uses cycles as the main mode of daily commuting. As per their national survey they hardly have any stress related diseases. This all is attributed to the use of bikes.

I am not a very big fan of the Chinese way of life, but the fact is that they have the solution to so many problems in such a simple solution. I am not saying that we all go and buy road bikes and start marching around, but what I want to bring out is the fact that if we include commuting to our work place on a bike it will help us resolve many problems related to health and save the environment at the same time.

When we have agreed to the fact that a bike should be used then the point of selection of the right bike for this purpose crops up. There are so many different types of bikes available to choose from. Which is the perfect bike has to be ascertained. There is hardly a problem in that, as it is simply a matter of personal choice.

If you want comfort of efficiency is what matters. If you want comfort, then go for the comfort bikes which have lesser efficiency. But if you want efficiency then the road bike is your answer. But if you want both these factors together in one bike then your selection should be a hybrid bike which is perfect for your requirement. They have both comfort and efficiency blended together for your comfort.

Mountain bike helmets, like all safety equipment, must be chosen with care and also scrupulously maintained, to keep them in good shape. Mountain biking is a popular sport in the United States and around the world, and the fit and care for the helmets designed for the activity is important for bikers to know: most of the accidents, fatal and nonfatal, that befall mountain bikers could have been avoided if the victims had been wearing helmets. Following are some rules to follow regarding them.

First of all, make sure that the helmet you buy has a U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) sticker indicating that it has been found to comply with federally mandated safety requirements.

The helmet should fit comfortably; it should be neither so tight as to inhibit breathing, nor so loose that it will fall off easily. The strap should be securely fastened; if it is broken, it should be repaired or replaced. NEVER wear a helmet if the strap is worn or ripped, either part way or all the way across. To test the fit, move your head in both directions to see if it moves less than an inch.

Most mountain bike helmets have a visor to cut down the glare from the sun and so increase visibility. (Mountain bikers should also wear specially- made sunglasses for the same reason, as well as to keep dirt out of the eyes; the helmet should easily fit over these.) Slots cut along the sides provide ventilation.

Once you have been in a crash wearing a helmet, it MUST be discarded and replaced; it is now useless as a form of protection because the foam lining has been damaged.

A brightly colored helmet is ideal, so that the biker can easily be spotted from a distance.

Choose the right kind of helmet for the kind of biking that you do regularly. Most bikers engage in cross country biking, for which the type described is sufficient; but for downhill biking, where there is greater danger of crashing, helmets that cover the entire face must be used. (These bikers also wear protective body gear.)

Here are some other important tips in caring for your mountain bike helmet:

(1) Do not clean your helmet with anything containing wax or a solvent; use water- based cleaners only.

(2) When not wearing the helmet, keep it either in the packaging in which you bought it, or in a nylon bag, to prolong its life.

(3) Avoid storing it in a place where it would be exposed to prolonged heat, which can damage the material.

(4) Replace the helmet every three years; that is about how long it takes for the straps to become worn.

Whatever their style, mountain bike helmets can literally mean the difference between life and death for cyclists. So buy and wear one!

Owning a hot tub can bring visions of drinking champagne and relaxing with friends in your hot tub but there are a few things that need to be done to make sure that vision comes true. There are a few basic maintenance tasks that need to be performed to extend the life of your hot tub.

Testing. The first task is to check the water to make sure that the chemistry in the water is correct. You will need to purchase test strips that check for pH levels, alkaline, and chlorine. It is also a good idea to buy a liquid testing kit. These types of kits can be found in department stores, major general merchandise stores, warehouse wholesales, internet or specialty shops. There are easy to read instructions, included. These tests should be done several times during the week and throughout the month. If you read the back of the test, you will see that the steps will be easy to follow.

Cleaning. Another task to add is the level of protection. The way that you intend to use the hot tub also may be a consideration how you can do this. Will you have a top to cover your hot tub, or are you using skimmers, vacuums and other aquatic equipment? Of course, water and the way you keep it clean also determines when you need to change it, all to gather. If you have a top, you will need vinyl cleaners to keep it from becoming ridged and brittle. The most common damage done to a hot tub is the cracked lid. Keeping it clean with equipment becomes a routine and a hot tub ready for relaxation.

Filters. Then, there is the filtration system. Choosing the type of system that will work for your needs is determined by who uses it and for how long. Filtering your water will help reduce the need to change it too often and balance the pH and TA. Filters are vacuums, overflow filter, and chlorine-filled baskets all help with filtration. Cleaning the filter should be done every few weeks.

Tub Cleaning. If you follow the other tasks, this can be done every two to four months. It is easy enough to take a sponge and wash down the walls while the hot tub is draining. Always check with the manufacturer to select the correct cleanser. If there is sediment from the water, using vinegar and water as a cleanser helps to break the deposits down.

Topping Off. After checking all the above tasks, it is time to make sure that the hot tub is ready to slide into or close up. Completing tests, cleaning the hot tub, checking and cleaning filters, refilling the tub and topping it off are just a few of the basics of owning and caring for a hot tub. Each step has very simple directions. Once you get into the routine, it won’t take long before you can turn around and use it again!

Reel Workout

Now that we are well into the lawn growing season, I’m sure you’ve got your turfgrass properly fertilized properly and looking super thick and pretty. You’ve toiled to foil the onslaught of invading dandelions, clover and other weeds; and you are on a regular watering and irrigation schedule to keep your investment alive and growing.
The final basic element involved is the cutting. This is my favorite part of the maintenance process.
The positives are not only for the turf grass, but for the homeowner as well.

Mowing benefits to the homeowner include:
First off, cutting the lawn involves a power tool, namely, your mower.
Secondly, it involves some form of exercise (for which my wife is appreciative).
Finally, it affords the operator a chance to get some real thinking done.

Let’s explore each of these benefits.

(1) The power mower: I use a variable speed, self-propelled 21″ Lawn Boy ‘sense-a-speed’ mower, rear wheel drive. (Oh that sounds hot just to say out-loud!)
My lawn is only 8,000 square feet, so I am not in need of anything larger; besides, I run that puppy wide open!

(2) The exercise: It takes about an hour to mow my lawn including edging, weed-whacking and cleanup. That’s not bad really. I suppose if I wanted to increase the aerobic benefits in this process, I could lose the “self-propelled” mower option and push the thing, but I’m not really that fat! Ha!

However, one thing I am in favor of to increase the benefit in exercise is mow the lawn 2 or 3 times per week! This helps #3 come more into focus as well as benefits the turf itself: it’s a venerable cornucopia of benefaction!

Reel Workout

(3) The thinking time: (this is a great one!) Ponder this: you are out for 1-hour doing a job that only requires one person to do, that no one else in your household really wants to do anyway (especially if you have teenagers like I do). This means it’s all yours; you own it … completely!

On top of that, your wife can’t bark or nag at you during this time because the mower engine noise drowns her out completely and she knows it! It’s just plain quiet time for you inside your head! That’s better than a hammock under a tree and a cold lemonade as far as I’m concerned.

Now let’s get down to the tips that benefit the lawn itself.

(1) Mowing height
(2) Mowing frequency
(3) Mowing direction
(4) Mulch or Catch

Mowing benefits for the lawn, by the numbers:

(1) The height: This one varies according to the type of grass you have. But who *really* knows their grass type? Chances are you have a mix of Kentucky BlueGrass and some sort of fescue or rye. With that in mind, I tell folks to set their mower on the highest or second-highest setting. You just don’t want to remove much more than 25% of the grass blade in any single cutting.

It’s like this: If I lose a finger-nail, I’m going to be just fine, but if I lose my entire arm, I’m in a world of hurt, …got it?
And on a side note, ya gotta have a sharp blade. A dull blade rips the grass blades instead of cutting them. Rips turn brown and rob the lawn of it’s color.

(2) Assuming proper irrigation year-round, the lawn needs cutting weekly. I’ve had people call me to complain that after cutting their lawns, they turned yellow. Upon further investigation, I found that they had not cut the lawn prior for a month! Now we’re back to the finger-nail vs the arm analogy. Please folks, be responsible and keep your turf trimmed regularly.

As mentioned above, I actually try and get people to mow twice per week, but that’s over-the-top for most.

(3) The mowing direction isn’t the biggest deal here, but you certainly don’t want to mow the exact same way all the time or you take a chance on developing ruts in the lawn. You also will literally push lines of turf down, and “train” them to lay down all the time … like people “train” their hair to lay a certain direction…this is not a good situation for turf-grass.

(4) Mulch or catch? Ford or Chevy?

Yeah, it’s like that. I do both depending on my mood. Catching has benefits in the end because you don’t have to use a leaf blower to get the clippings off the driveway. If you do mulch, make sure you have a quality mulching blade installed to grind up the cuttings into super-fine bits!

So next time you head outside to cut that lawn, be sure to review the benefits to you, as well as your nice patch of green grass.

Memory foams has many benefits such as relief from pressure points in the body and conformity to the shape of the person sleeping. The major complaints most consumers have about memory foams is the smell produced by memory foams after period of time this can be because memory foams takes in different smells such as smoke, odors and dust particles and absorbs it to memory which causes unpleasant smell to the consumer also volatile organic compounds may be released from the chemicals used to produce the mattress which results in bad odor.

These are four tips to reduce odor from memory mattress

Proper ventilation

It is advisable to keep the memory foam mattress in a cool and well ventilated place before and after use because this allows for proper aeration of the mattress, which is helpful in making the volatile organic compounds escape as well as other offensive odor. Fans can also be used to provide aeration by directing the fan at top speed towards the memory mattress thus making the air to circulate properly.

Application of baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent deodorizer which is easily accessible in many homes. To reduce the odor just sprinkle the baking soda uniformly on the mattress, allow it to settle for some time after settling then vacuum off the baking soda this is effective in minimizing odor because the baking soda is capable of removing different kinds of smell and dust particles.

Application of vinegar

Vinegar is a natural deodorizer that removes odors it has lots of advantages because it is inexpensive and leaves no residue after use. To apply vinegar on memory mattress

  • Firstly, make a solution by mixing vinegar and water in equal proportion then pour this solution into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the well mixed solution uniformly across the memory mattress.
  • Allow to settle for about ten minutes.
  • Use clean towels to absorb as much liquid as possible.
  • Lastly, spread the mattress to dry in a cool aerated area for a period of time.

Application of Fabric Spray

Fabric spray such as Febreze has numerous uses one of which is as an effective deodorizer which can be sprayed on mattress in combination with either baking soda or vinegar works effectively in removing odors from memory foams.

Use of Odor absorbing sprays (Air fresheners)

Air fresheners can also be used to reduce the smell from memory foams. Air fresheners are inexpensive and come in various types from manual to automated that gives twenty four hours, freshness from offensive odors this can be an effective control method to reduce the smell from memory foams, as it makes the entire room in general to smell much better.

Keep the bed spread clean

It is always advisable to use thick bed sheets when using memory foam. Wash this bed sheets regularly because it will help to absorb the smell which clings to the bed sheet, changing bed sheets from time to time also helps in eliminating the odor.


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