The Basics of Owning and Caring for A Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub can bring visions of drinking champagne and relaxing with friends in your hot tub but there are a few things that need to be done to make sure that vision comes true. There are a few basic maintenance tasks that need to be performed to extend the life of your hot tub.

Testing. The first task is to check the water to make sure that the chemistry in the water is correct. You will need to purchase test strips that check for pH levels, alkaline, and chlorine. It is also a good idea to buy a liquid testing kit. These types of kits can be found in department stores, major general merchandise stores, warehouse wholesales, internet or specialty shops. There are easy to read instructions, included. These tests should be done several times during the week and throughout the month. If you read the back of the test, you will see that the steps will be easy to follow.

Cleaning. Another task to add is the level of protection. The way that you intend to use the hot tub also may be a consideration how you can do this. Will you have a top to cover your hot tub, or are you using skimmers, vacuums and other aquatic equipment? Of course, water and the way you keep it clean also determines when you need to change it, all to gather. If you have a top, you will need vinyl cleaners to keep it from becoming ridged and brittle. The most common damage done to a hot tub is the cracked lid. Keeping it clean with equipment becomes a routine and a hot tub ready for relaxation.

Filters. Then, there is the filtration system. Choosing the type of system that will work for your needs is determined by who uses it and for how long. Filtering your water will help reduce the need to change it too often and balance the pH and TA. Filters are vacuums, overflow filter, and chlorine-filled baskets all help with filtration. Cleaning the filter should be done every few weeks.

Tub Cleaning. If you follow the other tasks, this can be done every two to four months. It is easy enough to take a sponge and wash down the walls while the hot tub is draining. Always check with the manufacturer to select the correct cleanser. If there is sediment from the water, using vinegar and water as a cleanser helps to break the deposits down.

Topping Off. After checking all the above tasks, it is time to make sure that the hot tub is ready to slide into or close up. Completing tests, cleaning the hot tub, checking and cleaning filters, refilling the tub and topping it off are just a few of the basics of owning and caring for a hot tub. Each step has very simple directions. Once you get into the routine, it won’t take long before you can turn around and use it again!

How to Reduce the Smell in Memory Foams

Memory foams has many benefits such as relief from pressure points in the body and conformity to the shape of the person sleeping. The major complaints most consumers have about memory foams is the smell produced by memory foams after period of time this can be because memory foams takes in different smells such as smoke, odors and dust particles and absorbs it to memory which causes unpleasant smell to the consumer also volatile organic compounds may be released from the chemicals used to produce the mattress which results in bad odor.

These are four tips to reduce odor from memory mattress

Proper ventilation

It is advisable to keep the memory foam mattress in a cool and well ventilated place before and after use because this allows for proper aeration of the mattress, which is helpful in making the volatile organic compounds escape as well as other offensive odor. Fans can also be used to provide aeration by directing the fan at top speed towards the memory mattress thus making the air to circulate properly.

Application of baking soda

Baking soda is an excellent deodorizer which is easily accessible in many homes. To reduce the odor just sprinkle the baking soda uniformly on the mattress, allow it to settle for some time after settling then vacuum off the baking soda this is effective in minimizing odor because the baking soda is capable of removing different kinds of smell and dust particles.

Application of vinegar

Vinegar is a natural deodorizer that removes odors it has lots of advantages because it is inexpensive and leaves no residue after use. To apply vinegar on memory mattress

  • Firstly, make a solution by mixing vinegar and water in equal proportion then pour this solution into a spray bottle.
  • Spray the well mixed solution uniformly across the memory mattress.
  • Allow to settle for about ten minutes.
  • Use clean towels to absorb as much liquid as possible.
  • Lastly, spread the mattress to dry in a cool aerated area for a period of time.

Application of Fabric Spray

Fabric spray such as Febreze has numerous uses one of which is as an effective deodorizer which can be sprayed on mattress in combination with either baking soda or vinegar works effectively in removing odors from memory foams.

Use of Odor absorbing sprays (Air fresheners)

Air fresheners can also be used to reduce the smell from memory foams. Air fresheners are inexpensive and come in various types from manual to automated that gives twenty four hours, freshness from offensive odors this can be an effective control method to reduce the smell from memory foams, as it makes the entire room in general to smell much better.

Keep the bed spread clean

It is always advisable to use thick bed sheets when using memory foam. Wash this bed sheets regularly because it will help to absorb the smell which clings to the bed sheet, changing bed sheets from time to time also helps in eliminating the odor.